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At Brothers In Arms, we run retreats and events that inspire young men to make positive changes in their lives. We create a unique and truly special atmosphere at every one of our events, where anyone who comes can immediately feel the positivity and sense of brotherhood that is here at B.I.A. 

Nowadays, it has become easy for teenagers to slip into bad habits that, as a result, leave them confused, chasing instant gratification, and lacking direction. Many young guys spend countless hours glued to screens and social media, attempting to fill a void that is created by a lack of genuine friendship and meaningful connections. It is our goal to change this. 

We believe that personal development—the act of building self-discipline and embarking on a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself is the solution. Through growing and becoming a little bit better every day, we are able to create a life filled with lasting fulfilment and purpose. At B.I.A we provide practical guidance on how our participants can integrate these principles into their day-to-day lives. 

Another major focus at B.I.A is building lifelong, genuine friendships. At our retreats and events, there is always a focus on connecting with others through engaging activities and opportunities for meaningful discussions. Through fun but also physically challenging sports, participants are given an opportunity to push past their perceived limits and step outside their comfort zone together. 

We are creating a community of young men who share the vision of leading a life of meaning and continuous growth. Through our programs and events, we aim to nurture future leaders that can serve our current and future families as well as our wider society, ultimately moving towards a better world.

We are not here to give our participants all the answers or to act as a replacement for religion or family. Brothers In Arms simply strives to support and inspire young men on their journeys of personal development and goal of becoming the best versions of themselves.


We’re All Gonna Make It. 

Growth Mindset

True Friendship




Get to know the core Staff Members at B.I.A

We’re stacked with a former Police Officer now living out his dream, a D1 Level Athlete and an expert in the financial markets (just to name a few), so our team calls are pretty interesting!





Alex is almost like the ‘coach’ at B.I.A. – he’s mentored and trained hundreds of students on sales, marketing and mindset.

From training sales reps to perform at their peak to working with young entrepreneurs on mindset coaching, he’s helped so many aspiring young people from across the globe to reach their goals.

Coaching is his passion and working with young people is where Alex excels most so stay tuned for big things from the big man! 




Len is one of the most driven guys you will ever meet – once this man puts his mind to something he doesn’t stop until he makes it happen.

Professionally he manages large sums of investment capital, which takes its toll on the best of traders, and so his skill set is truly in his mindset.

Len values friendship above all else and goes above and beyond in organising activities for the boys outside the B.I.A retreats themselves so keep a lookout for those!




Let’s be honest… if you’re reading this you’re probably already familiar with Mr. Daemang. Some would say he’s the face of Brothers In Arms.

Whether you want to call him an ‘influencer’ or ‘content creator’, Daemang’s mission is to harness the power of the internet to spread a positive message and create real change in the world. #WAGMI



Music Coordinator

Alli G is our musical magician. Guitar, bass, drums – you name it, he’s got it. 

Other than strumming out beautiful melodies though, Alli is a Computer Science student at Kings College London and is also pretty nifty with a frisbee.

Alli grew up looking up to his two older brothers so he knows the value of having role models to guide you in life. 

Now Alli is one of the cornerstones of our team and a true leader of these boys – it’s funny how everything comes full circle! 



Team Leader

Tiger’s story is definitely one of my favourites of everyone on the team. After fighting crime on the streets of London – Tiger realised that the way to make a true impact on society is to work directly with the youth and that, to quote the great Frederick Douglass, ‘It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men’. 

Definitely the ‘Enforcer’ of the group, Tiger’s skill set is truly unique and we’re blessed to have someone with his experience on the team full time. 



Team Leader

This man is an athlete.

But that’s only one side of Benji. 

After turning down D1 and D2 offers to compete in the States, Benji went all in on his mission – helping young men to improve their lives and have a more fulfilling existence.

Benji has mentored so many young guys is his community and helped them with their self-confidence and physical and mental well-being. 

So with his passion for sports and love for connecting with people, he’s a true pillar of the culture at B.I.A.



Team Leader

Ever-competitive, Pedro is one of the more versatile members of the team. 

From studying law at the University of Warwick to receiving passes on the American Football field, Pedro strives to be the best at everything he applies himself to and it really shows in his leadership style.

Having team lead 3 times already this year, he’s starting to become a veteran and always makes sure to hold his team accountable to their goals long after each retreat ends! 



Team Leader

Jamie is a ball of energy and yet, despite being one of the younger members of the team, he’s got one hell of a resume! 

He works on behalf of many charities in the UK and leads a team within the company he’s currently working for. Raising over £80,000 across multiple different charities, Jamie has taught and trained a team of 4 and is only planning on growing his team to raise as much money for their causes as possible. 


New Member

Older Brother Speakers


Older Brother Speaker


Older Brother Speaker

Bunjin is one of the Older Brother figures at B.I.A. Where to start with this man?!

Serial entrepreneur, accomplished public speaker and all round great guy – Bunjin provides so much value to the retreats in so many ways. 

The guidance and advice he provides to the younger participants is truly invaluable and it’s incredible to watch them pick his brain about business and mindset! 


Older Brother Speaker


Older Brother Speaker

Kenneth is also working with B.I.A in an Older Brother role and he’s been a mentor of many of the core team for years now.

Currently a Senior Software Engineer, Ken also has a wealth of experience running workshops and retreats.

Fun fact: He spent over 3 years running a Youth Organisation for high school aged teenagers in his 20s! 

Ken is also heavily involved in the content we provide at the retreats and has a true passion for the proper education of young men.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like on a B.I.A Retreat?

Watch the video and cross reference with the glossary below!

Morning Exercises

We start each day with some light movement outside; this could be a quick game of British bulldog or just some stretches.

Morning Reading

We’ve got the body flowing with the morning exercises, now to get the mind firing! We read inspirational content everyday to set the tone for the day and then discuss it in teams.


Eggs, Fruit, Oats! The boys will need the energy for a jam packed day ahead.

Music Time

Before we dive into the first content of the day it’s tradition to hit a couple songs led by the BIA band! The karaokes are always fun and it’s a great way to raise the energy before we dive into a 30 minute talk.

Daily Talk

These are always short and sweet. Given by one of our core team or guest speakers, our talks are always uplifting and thought provoking. The goal is to provide the boys with a framework or concept that they can take home and implement into their daily lives.


The boys enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our amazing kitchen staff! 


The group sports sessions tend to be the highlight of the retreat for the boys. Capture the flag, tug of war, relay races and dragon’s tail are a few of the staples at BIA. Each sports session is an opportunity for the boys to win points for their team so it’s all to play for!

Guided Free Time

This is an opportunity for the boys to do whatever they want! Some choose board games, some play sports and some join activities run by the team leaders like Muay Thai classes, Table Tennis Tournaments or a Debating Club.


A delicious home cooked dinner always hits the spot after sports! 


We close each day with a group meditation to give the boys the chance to wind down. It’s an opportunity for them to practice the skill of mindfulness and being more present on the retreat.


Each day has a special activity thrown in! Whether it’s a campfire evening, our infamous Challenge Day or the Performance night that’s dear to our hearts – the participants get treated to a unique schedule each day!

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